20 Exciting Fire Department Fundraiser Ideas Bronx Info

Our Organization is a local 501(c)(3) charity with a 15 year track record of emergency support that is directing our focus on the fire crisis. A donation to us has an immediate and substantial impact on OurTown, going directly to the vetted families and referred community members that need help the quickest. What is more, as we are nearly entirely volunteer operated, more than 95% of your gift goes entirely to relief efforts. Surely you have heard the response on the national news of Americans and even our international community donating to help.
Your department can do a unique take on this old fundraising idea with a Buy a Brick campaign. Make sure your template mentions a specific fundraising goal and includes links back to the volunteer’s donation page, not just your organization’s website. Getting middle school students to participate in fundraising efforts can sometimes be a challenge.
Charge a nominal entrance fee for participants and provide guidelines regarding themes, safety requirements, and recommended paint types. After completion, create an easy-to-follow map, guiding community members and visitors to view the uniquely painted hydrants. Create a stylish and entertaining firefighter-themed calendar to raise funds for your fire department.
Ensure the design is eye-catching and iconic enough to make it recognizable. Ask local artists to contribute art pieces or create yourself if you are a creator/inventor. You have the option to either set up a physical store or take commissions for pieces. Charge a lot of people a small amount to enter a roshambo contest and try their luck to win a grand prize.
Right after Christmas, no one wants to take down the lights they spent so long putting up. That’s why it’s the perfect time to advertise your church’s Christmas light removal service. In Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas of the Christmas shopping season, your church can offer a special service that Santa and Mrs. Claus will greatly appreciate.
If you want to maximize the amount of money generated with this event, then having an auction during the breakfast is a great idea. Reaching out to businesses in your area can help you get items donated for this auction. This is an incredibly easy raffle to run in person (all you really need are a ton of raffle tickets) but it’s also quite simple to run digitally.
To get a great deal of excitement going, plan for at least five or six food trucks with different cuisines, possibly including a vegetarian/vegan choice and dessert. Pick trucks that offer a diverse selection of foods, so you’ll have something for everyone. To find food trucks that do business in your area, ask the organizers of your local street fairs.
Both sets of grants were through the federal CARES Act, and some money came out of county coffers, but the amounts weren’t enough to cover all the losses. Bradenville Fire Chief Mark Piantine said supporters have been clamoring for tickets to the Derry Township department’s annual pre-Super Bowl party. These types of fundraisers usually take more time and planning, but they can be even more effective. The best way to come up with a great name is to think about what your cause means. Try to think of a word that describes your cause, or something about the people who support it.