How to Run a Silent Auction: 3 Simple Steps for Nonprofits

The apps request credit card information in order to sign up for online bidding so the donations are collected immediately once the auction is closed. You need to be crystal clear about when your silent or online auction closes. List it in your printed materials (programs, catalogs, etc.) and make sure your auctioneer or emcee is keeping the silent auction shoppers informed via announcements. Once it’s officially closed, your volunteers MUST PULL BID SHEETS IMMEDIATELY. Otherwise, people keep bidding and upset bidders who followed the rules.
I would never have even met this family if it hadn’t been for the fact that, several years ago, I donated to a silent auction at their children’s school. But, the best thing is that silent auctions allow you to help raise money for great local causes. For silent auction donation , some nonprofits hold a live and silent auction during the same event (which helps sell more, while limiting the time spent on the live auction). Some hold an online auction before a silent auction, in order to reduce the number of goods they’ll have to display.
Otherwise, give winning bidders a letter that explains how they will receive their certificates. Perhaps your most valuable channel, word-of-mouth marketing is when you take action to get people to tell their social circle about your event. Word-of-Mouth marketing is effective for fundraising auctions because it assuages attendees’ fears that they won’t know anyone at the event. In this post, you’re going to learn exactly how to throw a silent auction fundraiser. The more people that know about your silent auction, the more likely they are to attend and bid.
Then, you can use those insights to understand what your supporters are most interested in and inform future fundraising efforts. By creating a relaxed atmosphere, you can encourage more people to participate in your auction. Additionally, it creates a memorable experience for your supporters. Combining multiple items into one lot can help create a sense of excitement and exclusivity around that item.
Throughout the event, silent bidders will browse items and anonymously make their bids, returning to some prizes to outbid their competitors. How you organize checkout is up to you, but organization is key. If you’d like your website to accept online donations, consider trying a software called Membership Management Software.